Recovering Cloudcleaver is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Find unclothed Hlormar standing on roadside northwest of Caldera.
  • Listen to his plight.
  • Agree to find the "witch" who stole Hlormar's Cloudcleaver and clothes.
  • Upon encountering Sosia Caristiana, listen to her story.
  • Decide whom to believe and what action to take.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The BarbarianEdit

While traveling northwest from Caldera, the Nerevarine encounters a barbarian clothed only in a loincloth. He explains to the Nerevarine how he was drugged and robbed of his precious Cloudcleaver and most of his clothes by a witch he was trying to help. He asks if the Nerevarine could help find the witch to retrieve his weapon and clothes. He indicates that her camp is somewhat northwest of his present location.

The WitchEdit

As the Nerevarine escorts the barbarian northwest on the road and follows the north path at the first intersection, the witch is located. She, of course, has a different story to tell than the one the barbarian told. She says she hired Hlormar as an escort for safety. After he became "too friendly," she taught him a lesson by casting a sleep spell on him and taking his possessions. She also says that he has not calmed down enough for her to return his possessions yet, but after three days she will meet him at the Caldera Mages Guild and return them then. He, of course, turns down that offer, leaving it up to the Nerevarine to decide whose side to take in this conflict.

Scenario One – Take Sosia's sideEdit

  • Hlormar will attack the Nerevarine, and he or she will be forced to kill him. Hlormar is a bare-handed fighter, almost anyone carrying a weapon can take him down easily.
  • Sosia rewards the Nerevarine.

Scenario Two – Take Hlormar's sideEdit

  • Hlormar will attack Sosia. The Nerevarine may choose whether or not to help kill her.
  • Loot Sosia's corpse for the Cloudcleaver and return it to Hlormar.


Scenario OneEdit

Scenario TwoEdit


Recovering Cloudcleaver
Hlormar Wine-Sot spun quite an interesting yarn for me to hear. He claims to have been seduced by a witch, who then cast a spell on him while he was asleep, took everything he had including his prized enchanted axe Cloudcleaver, and left him by the road for the amusement of passersby. He requests that I take him to find the witch and help retrieve his axe, in exchange for a reward.
  • Quest accepted
I have agreed to take on Hlormar Wine-Sot as a companion and aid in his search for the witch and his prized axe Cloudcleaver. He thinks he met her in a camp to the northwest, but admits he could be confused as to the direction from the spell.
I have left Hlormar to his own devices. I am too busy to take up the problems of paupers on the streets.
  • Quest completed
We have met up with the supposed witch at her camp. Her name is Sosia Caristiana, a healer, and the story she tells is decidedly different from that of Hlormar. Sosia Caristiana says that she accepted Hlormar Wine-Sot merely as a traveling companion for protection, but when he got too friendly she was forced to put him to sleep and take his things to teach him a lesson.
Sosia Caristiana refuses to give back his property immediately but will meet him in three days at the Caldera Mage Guild and return everything then.
Hlormar Wine-Sot was not pleased in the least to hear that he could not have his items back immediately, and demanded that I choose a side. I have chosen to side with Hlormar.
Hlormar Wine-Sot was not pleased in the least to hear that he could not have his items back immediately, and demanded that I choose a side. I have chosen to side with Sosia.
Sosia Caristiana was so grateful to me for my protection that she gave me three potions as a reward. I'm glad to see that she can live another day to help those in need.
I decided to keep Cloudcleaver for myself. One as uncivil as Hlormar need not wield such a fine weapon. The loss of so much life is always a shame, but at least I can take comfort in the beauty of my new axe, Cloudcleaver.
  • Quest completed
Hlormar was so pleased to get his axe back that he offered to give me a few pointers to make me stronger in battle. It is great to see such a beautiful axe back to its rightful owner.
  • Quest completed