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Red Mountain Eruption Result

The result of Red Mountain's eruption seen on Solstheim.

The "Red Year" was the name given to the disaster in 4E 05 that caused the destruction of Vvardenfell and parts of Morrowind. When the last member of the Tribunal, the warrior-poet Vivec, mysteriously disappeared, the power that kept Baar Dau floating over the city of Vivec began to diminish over time. In order to keep the moon from crashing down, an Ingenium, which was powered by souls, was created. This ended when a Dunmer named Sul destroyed the Ingenium in order to save his lover, Ilzheven.[1]

Without anything holding it up, Baar Dau collided into Vivec City, wiping it out completely, and causing the Red Mountain to erupt-- devastating cities like Balmora, Ald'ruhn, Gnisis and Sadrith Mora. The devastation wasn't limited to Vvardenfell, but even some parts of the mainland, like Tear, suffered from continuous earthquakes and floods caused by the erruption.[2] A month later, a House Redoran councilor who was living in Mournhold, which was spared from the destruction, issued relief efforts to the ruined island. Vvardenfell was on the road of recovery and some of the settlements had been rebuilt over the years.[2] But it didn't last long as the Argonians used the opportunity to invade the Dunmer in revenge for a millennia of slavery of their people.[3] The Argonians invaded and conquered southern Morrowind, but were halted by the armies of House Redoran.[1]

After the eruption, Morrowind became less habitable and even difficult to breathe.[4] Many Dunmer fled to Solstheim, which was given to the Dunmer by the High King of Skyrim in 4E 16. Others decided to settle in Skyrim, mainly in Windhelm and Riften.[5]



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