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The "Red Year" was the name given to the event that caused the skies to be red for an entire year. It was caused by the eruption of Red Mountain, the mountain found in Vvardenfell.

The event itself took place from 4E 5 [1]to 4E 6 [2]

It is known that a number of years later (4E 20), the Decree of Monument was installed and signed by the various Jarls to signify a "monument to the struggle of those who fled their native home of Morrowind in the time following the Red Year."[3]. In 4E 16 the High King of Skyrim gave Solstheim to the Dunmer, following this disaster. [4]

The Great CollapseEdit

It has also been suggested that this event may have caused The Great Collapse that occurred in Winterhold in the second century of the Fourth Era. [source?]



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