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Caught another thief in the marketplace today. Where does Valirr get these thumb-fingered fools? I understand he wants to "redistribute the wealth," but Jode's Chariot cannot look the other way when a would-be robber drops stolen loot right beneath our noses!

At least she wasn't a ribboner. Honestly, those "escape collars" may let the thieves get away, but they attract even more attention. I swear, Shan-ra is more upset at noticing the thievery than the actual theft.

But there is good money in thief-taking. For every thief we bring to the stocks we get ten gold coins. Repeat offenders net us twenty, and recovering stolen goods a solid ten percent. The Chariot can't turn its back on such easy money either, no matter how we might feel.

Still, I worry that Shan-ra will do something desperate. He is a proud man, and too much open theft is like a challenge to his authority. It'll take some effort to salve his pride ... either that, or an end to all this stealing.

I don't see either happening any time soon.


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