Redguard Male (Daggerfall)

A Redguard in Daggerfall.

For other uses, see Redguard.

Redguards hail from the province of Hammerfell in western Tamriel. They descended from a long line of warriors and mystic seers. Legend has it that Redguards are innately more proficient with combat arts than any other race. They are excellent in all arts concerning blade and shield.


"The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the dark Redguards of Hammerfell seem to have been created for battle. In addition to their affinity for weaponry, Redguards are blessed with hardy constitutions and quickness of foot."[1]

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The term "Redguard" can be used to refer to a single person of that race or to the race as a whole. The term "Redguards" can be used interchangeably with the former.

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