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Redguard Male 01

A male Redguard, as seen in Morrowind.

For other uses, see Redguard.

Redguards are the athletic natives of Hammerfell. Phenomenal in weapon and armor arts, Redguards excel at Warrior-based classes.

Character creationEdit

Main article: Character Creation (Morrowind)

Attribute modifiersEdit

Skill bonusesEdit

Skill Modifier
Athletics +5
Axe +5
Blunt Weapon +5
Heavy Armor +5
Long Blade +15
Medium Armor +5
Short Blade +5


Powers Edit

Preferred play styleEdit

Redguards excel at close combat, hacking away at enemies and using the Adrenaline Rush racial ability to relieve the stress of intense battles. They are proficient in the use of many weapon types, though long blades are recommended for Redguards due to their +15 skill modifier with those weapons. To compliment their weapon, heavy or medium armor is preferred.

Notable RedguardsEdit

The following is a list of notable Redguards in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind:

See alsoEdit


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