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Redoran's Retreat

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Cave  Redoran's Retreat
TESV Redorans Retreat Crop
Hold Whiterun Hold
Location West of Whiterun
Type Cave
Quests Bounty Quests

Stealing Plans

Enemies Bandits

Silver Hand

Location ID RedoransRetreatExterior

Redoran's Retreat is a cave located slightly north-west of Whiterun and is populated by three bandits and a dog. It is also part of the miscellaneous quest to retrieve Amren's Sword, amongst other radiant quests.


After first entering the cave, the dog may notice the Dragonborn and alert it's presence to its master, a bow-wielding bandit to the right. The dog can be killed in one hit, so using a bow is advised. The archer is a low-level bandit, so he is relatively simple to defeat. Killing this bandit will not alert the other bandits in the cave. The bandit protects a chest, as well as some potions.

To the left of the bandit is a passageway that leads down to the main chamber of the Retreat, where a bandit is patrolling while the Bandit Chief works at the far side of the room. The easiest way to deal with the bandit is by an arrow, and this will alert the chief.

Outside of the cave, on top of the rock formation that the door is fitted into, is an Iron Ore vein.

Notable LootEdit

  • 2920, vol 08 - Last Seed - Sneak skill book, and a treasure map for an unknown hidden treasure location. Found on a box near the Bandit Chief in the dead end room.
  • Amren's Family Sword (one possible location) - Return it to Armren to level up One-Handed and Block skills. Found in the chest by the Bandit Chief in the main chamber.
  • Treasure Map IV


  • Despite the similarity of name, it is unlikely that the cave bears any relation to House Redoran.
  • This cave is used in many radiant quests.


  • Sometimes the Dragonborn cannot move after exiting, reloading an old save or fast traveling will not fix this


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