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Redoran Cookbook is a Thieves Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Big Helende in the Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub.
  2. Go to Llethri Manor in Ald'ruhn for the book Redoran Cooking Secrets.
  3. Either steal the book, or persuade Dinara Othrelas give it to you.
  4. Return to Big Helende for reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Big Helende in the Sadrith Mora Hall asks the Nerevarine to steal the book Redoran Cooking Secrets from Dinara Othrelas at the Llethri Manor in the Ald'ruhn, Manor District. The book can be found in Dinara's bedroom in the Private Quarters of the Manor (Northern most bedroom), in a locked chest (50). There's no one around so it's a simple matter to steal the book. The Nerevarine can also receive the book by persuading Dinara to give it to them (she's near the entrance). Return to Helende to complete the quest.



Redoran Cookbook
IDJournal Entry
10Big Helende told me that Dinara Othrelas of Llethri Manor in Ald'ruhn and Fara of Fara's Hole in the Wall here in Sadrith Mora have an annual cooking contest. Fara wants an edge in this year's contest and has hired us to steal the book "Redoran Cooking Secrets" from Llethri Manor.
  • Quest accepted
30I convinced Dinara Othrelas to give me her copy of "Redoran Cooking Secrets."
50I gave the book "Redoran Cooking Secrets" to Fara.
100Big Helende thanked me for delivering "Redoran Cooking Secrets."
  • Quest complete

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