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For other uses, see Redoran Guard.
"Your visit here will be tolerated as long as you abide by our laws, otherwise you'll answer to the Redoran Guard."
Adril Arano[src]

Redoran Guards are "elite" Dunmer soldiers that can usually be found patrolling the Redoran town of Raven Rock. They are considered to be some of the best warriors that House Redoran has to offer.

The captain of the guard is Modyn Veleth, who spent several years honing their skills and making them "not just your average city guard." In gameplay, however,  they do nothing different from the hold guards in Skyrim.


Guards are equipped with a full set of Bonemold armor and carry an Elven sword, bow, and arrows. Oddly, they don't wear Bonemold guard armor, despite the name. Statistically, this is better equipment than that of the normal guards in Skyrim.


March of the DeadEdit

Captain Veleth will be fending off some ash spawn. One of his guards will lie deceased having fallen to them.

Served ColdEdit

Two Redoran Guards are said to be met at Ashfallow Citadel, but will turn out to be dead.

Locate the Raven Rock StashEdit

The Dragonborn must find a case of Emberbrand Wine that some of the guards have become addicted to.

Guard dialogueEdit

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