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Redoran Master Helm is a Thieves Guild quest given by Aengoth the Jeweler to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Aengoth the Jeweler wants the Nerevarine to steal a Redoran Master Helm for a "client" of the Thieves Guild. He says that many of the Redoran Councilors own one, and he knows of a particular one belonging to Miner Arobar. He thinks his helm can be found at Arobar Manor.


Arobar Manor is on the right side of the Manor District. The helm is found on top of a closet next to Miner Arobar in the bedroom. Return to Aengoth with the helm for a reward of 1,000 GoldIcon.

The Redoran Master Helm can also be retrieved by becoming a council member of House Redoran.


Journal Entry
Aengoth the Jeweler asked me to bring him a Redoran Master Helm. Man of the Redoran councilors have one, but Aengoth knows of one in Arobar Manor.
  • Quest accepted
Aengoth the Jeweler thanked me for bringing him a Redoran Master Helm.
  • Quest completed