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Redwater Skooma

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Redwater Skooma
Redwater Skooma
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
20 GoldIcon
Type: Potion
FormID: xx01391d

Redwater Skooma is a potion available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is a new and more powerful version of the original Skooma. The bottle is similar in shape except for having a flat cork instead of a rounded one, and colored red. They can only be found in Redwater Den. Once the quest The Bloodstone Chalice has been completed, one Redwater Skooma will spawn behind the front desk approximately every week.


  • Slowed movement.
  • Environment becomes red and purple.
  • Sight becomes blurry.
  • Restores 40 points of Stamina.


  • During the quest The Bloodstone Chalice (or if the den is discovered beforehand), the Dragonborn has the possibility to drink some (offered by the Dealer) and he/she will pass out in the booth and wake up later in a jail cell in the process of being enthralled by a vampire although not becoming one. The Dragonborn can pick the lock on the cell door and escape, or go deeper into Redwater Den.
  • The effects are the same as the Sleeping Tree Sap (one can be found in the Redwater Den).


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