The Domica Redwort is a flowering herb with a long stalk and bright red petals, growing to a height of around three feet on average. The flower is harvested without the stalk and is frequently used as an alchemical ingredient.

Magical propertiesEdit

The flower itself is well known for its appearance-enhancing magical properties; individuals wearing the fragrant flower are said to appear more attractive than usual. The herb is abundant throughout the West Weald, although it can be found in the marshlands around Bravil as well as with various herbalists.

Members of the Mages Guild who are caught stealing from the guild are temporarily expelled, and have to collect 20 Redwort Flowers and 20 Dragon's Tongues and give them to Raminus Polus in the Arcane University to rejoin it.


  • Look near the top of the "D" in Blackwood on the map, there is a set of eleven Dragon's Tongue and approximately twenty-one Redworts just outside Fort Bulwark.
  • There are about eight plants in Marsh-Punk Camp which is close to the "A" and the "N" in Panther River.
  • There are four Redwort plants and three Dragon's Tongue plants in Fort Bulwark.
  • The garden in Arcane University holds seven samples, with most being in the North East corner of the garden among the various other plants.
  • There are five Redwort plants just up the hill to the east of the Mouth of the Panther, under a tree.
  • There are eleven Redwort plants in and immediately around the ruins of Morahame, located on the North bank of the second bend of the Panther River.
  • There are two Redwort Plants across the river from Fort Redwater and northeast of Seran Camp.
  • There is a patch of four Redwort plants and a patch of two Redwort plants at Wendelbek, as well as eight Dragon's Tongue. Located just north of the Panther River.
  • There are five at Anvil harbor gates.
  • There are approximately two sets of six heading north to the Shrine of Nocturnal.
  • One is in a bookshelf in a room on the bottom floor of the Bruma Mages Guild.


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