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Relam Arinith is a Dunmer smuggler who resides in Hla Oad, Morrowind. He is a member of the Camonna Tong, and can be located in the caverns beneath Fatleg's Drop Off, where he works as both a slave trafficker and drug smuggler.


When Relam spoke with the Nerevarine at Fatleg's Drop Off, he requested that his slave, Rabinna, be delivered to Vorar Helas in Balmora. Relam failed to mention that Rabinna's stomach was full of bags of Moon Sugar. It is unclear whether the Nerevarine fulfilled Relam's request, or accepted the slave only to set her free.


Relam uses or carries the following:


Relam uses the following:



Rabinna's Inner Beauty – Deliver a slave from Relam to Vorar Helas in Balmora.



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