"Well, what have we here? Another hopeful whose blessing hasn't fully taken root?"
―Relmyna Verenim[src]

Relmyna Verenim is a Dunmer sorcerer who lives in Passwall, a hamlet in The Fringe, outside the gates to the Shivering Isles. She is the creator of the Gatekeeper who guards the gates and has their keys.


She can sometimes be found in one of the rooms in The Wastrel's Purse. It is suggested that she had a relationship with Sheogorath, who helped her create the Gatekeeper. She considers the Gatekeeper her child, visiting him every night at midnight. She talks to him and cries (the Gatekeeper does not attack her). Her tears, which remain on the ground, are poisonous to the gatekeeper.


She seems to be sadistic, as well as having a very high opinion of herself. She is overly critical of her assistant, Nanette Don, constantly belittling her absentmindedness. She shows very little emotion about her "test subjects," and her home is littered with her failed experiments. In the beginning of the quest "Rebuilding the Gatekeeper" she is in Sanctum of Vivisection, torturing people with fire, darts, and trapdoors. It is also heavily implied that she had a rather close relationship with Sheogorath at some point prior to the Champion's arrival.


Through the Fringe of MadnessEdit

The Hero must find a way to defeat the Gatekeeper and fully enter Sheogorath's realm.

Rebuilding the GatekeeperEdit

Relmyna orders the Hero to bring her four ingredients to rebuild the Gatekeeper from the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. Once they have been obtained, she performs the incantations to build the new Gatekeeper.


Through the Fringe of MadnessEdit

"Well, what have we here? Another hopeful whose blessing hasn't fully taken root? No, I don't think so. You're an adventurer? How disgusting. Why don't you go back the way you came?"

Gatekeeper "The Gatekeeper is my child, the consummation of Sheogorath's wisdom in the womb of my genius. It was a painful and bloody birth, but well worth it. His brothers were less... successful. He won't bother those blessed by Lord Sheogorath. You, however, will die trying to get the keys from my child."
I'm blessed by Sheogorath. "You? Hah! No, You have a "conventional" type of soul. But, I don't make that decision. The Shivering Isles belong to Lord Sheogorath. Were up to me, I'd cut you open and show you just how uninspired your blood is. No. You won't be getting in."
Then I must kill the Gatekeeper. "Try him if you like. Believe me, after you die, I can put your flesh and bones to very good use."
I will find a way. "I'm bored with you. Why don't you talk to Nanette? She likes talking. I'll need to cure her of that habit soon enough. There's one sure way to stop a tongue from flapping: cut it out. Shall I demonstrate?"
Gates of Madness "One leads to Mania, one to Dementia. Two shades of madness. You're not getting in because you're not blessed by Sheogorath. You can try to get the keys. My Lord had them sewn into my child's body. I wonder if you are a fast bleeder, or a slow bleeder."
Passwall "Quaint, isn't it? Passwall sits in the Fringe of the Shivering Isles. It's where the supplicants wait while the Blessing of Sheogorath takes hold."
Gardens of Flesh and Bone "It is where the body of my child was grown, and the resting place of his less fortunate siblings. You have no business going there."

"Has that mouth of yours stopped flapping? Good."
(After talking to the Gatekeeper)
"I'm too upset to talk right now."
(After the Gatekeeper is killed)
"You've killed my child! How dare you! Get out of my sight!"

The GatekeeperEdit

When Relmyna approached the Gatekeeper, she will speak to it, using a combination of the following lines:

"Well, my child, how are you this evening?", or, "My dearest, how are you feeling tonight, child?", or, "I'm so glad to see you, my dear child. How are you?"

"I see you have been playing rough with the other boys. They are weak and you are strong!", or, "Look at all the bones around you! You have been a busy little boy, haven't you?", or, "I'm so proud of you, my child. You crush our Lord's enemies into dust."

"Just looking at you reminds me of... Him. Why has He forsaken us?", or, "You are strong like Him. I made you for Him. But still He refuses me. Why?", or, "Seeing you warms my cold heart. Why has He forsaken us?"

"No, it's too much. I don't know why I keep coming to visit you!", or, "I'm sorry child, it's just too much for me. I must leave now!", or, "Why does it still hurt, after all these years? Why?"

"No. You mustn't come near me when I'm crying... you remember what happened last time you touched my tears!", or, "No, not now! Don't you remember what happened last time you touched my tears? Keep away!", or, "Stay away. My tears, they burn you! Don't you remember? Stay back, child!"


  • "I'm not sure I can make this much clearer... Stop wagging that tongue at me, or I will rip it out!"
  • "Yes? Well, out with it!"