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"Reman (The Cyrodiil): Culture god-hero of the Second Empire, Reman was the greatest hero of the Akaviri Trouble. Indeed, he convinced the invaders to help him build his own empire, and conquered all of Tamriel except for Morrowind."
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Reman Cyrodiil was the legendary ruler of the Cyrodilic Empire which was also known as the Second Empire of Tamriel. His dynasty lasted for two hundred years, and in that span it conquered all the kingdoms of Tamriel except for Morrowind. He is known to have conquered Valenwood and the Summerset Isles.[1]


Reman rose to prominence during the Akaviri Invasion during the First Era, after he successfully routed them at the Battle of Pale Pass. Upon their defeat, the Akaviri invaders recognized him as Dragonborn and swore unceasing loyalty to him. In fact, it was the Akaviri who did the most to promote his standing as Emperor, although Reman himself never took that title in his lifetime.[2]

As late as the first century of the Third Era, Reman is known to have been worshipped, alongside Talos, as a "conqueror god".[3] He was known to have possessed the Amulet of Kings, and passed it onto his successors. Upon his death, he was entombed within Sancre Tor.[4]

Although his surname was Cyrodiil, the province was not actually named after him. Rather he took the ancient Ayleid name of the heartlands—Cyrod—as his surname.[5][6][7]


Emperor of Cyrodiil
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