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Reman Cyrodiil III (1E 28?? - 1E 2920) was the last ruler of the Reman Empire after Emperor Reman Cyrodiil II. It was his death, and the death of his son, Juilek Cyrodiil, that sparked the end of the First Era and the introduction of the Second Era. During his life he married Empress Tavia and fought in the Four Score War of Morrowind. It is possible that some sort of regent or potentate ruled over the Empire during the gap between the death of Reman Cyrodiil II and the ascension of Reman Cyrodiil III.[1]


Emperor of Cyrodiil
Reman Cyrodiil II 1E 2877 - 1E 2920 Versidue-Shaie

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