Emperor Reman Cyrodiil II ruled over the Reman Empire after Emperor Kastav Cyrodiil and before Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III and was born in 1E 2794.[1] According to his tomb in Sancre Tor, he first began his rule in 1E 2812, and ruled until 1E 2851.[1] It is possible that after his death, a regent of some sorts or a potentate ruled during the gap between the death of Reman Cyrodiil II and ascension of Reman Cyrodiil III.

Reman Cyrodiil was responsible for conquering Valenwood and assimilating it into the Cyrodiil Empire.[2] Having conquered Valenwood, the Camoran princes were sent into exile, whilst the province was split into nine separate city-states. This increased local pride and made the province easier to rule.[2]


Emperor of Cyrodiil
Kastav Cyrodiil 1E 2812 - 1E 2851 Eventually Reman Cyrodiil III