"Stand back, prisoner. We won't hesitate to kill you if you get in our way."
―Captain Renault[src]

Captain Renault was a Breton member of the prestigious Blades. She was Captain of the Imperial Palace Regiment of the Blades.


Along with her two subordinates, Glenroy and Baurus, she attempted to escape the Imperial City with the Emperor Uriel Septim VII. After arriving at the Imperial Prison, she discovered that a prisoner had been put into the cell containing the secret passage out of the Imperial City. She opened the gate and her two comrades subdued the prisoner, the future Hero of Kvatch.

Imperial Sewer Entrance

Renault escorts the Emperor out of the Palace.

They then proceeded farther into the escape route. At a stairway, she and her comrades were ambushed by Mythic Dawn agents seeking to kill the emperor. She was killed in the fighting that followed. Her Akaviri Katana was retrieved by the Hero and later given a place of honor in Cloud Ruler Temple.

Preventable DeathEdit

Renault Full Body

Renault, in full armor.

Renault will always die if done on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, on the PC, one can cheat their way into the room with the assassins inside. Before Renault gets into the room, kill the Assassins. She will only go unconscious. Also, everyone acts as if she is dead. She, however, will pull out her torch and run to the end of the room. She will not attack anything or anyone. She can still be spoken to, but she flees when the rats break into the room. She will do nothing more. Her shortsword can be pickpocketed, but not her torch.