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Repair Koeglin Lighthouse is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The lighthouse south of Koeglin Village was attacked, and its signal fires were extinguished. Until someone repairs it, ship captains will have difficulty navigating the harbor.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Recover the Focusing Crystals (4)
  2. Search the Pirate Ship for Oil
  3. Replace the Lighthouse Crystals (4)
  4. Talk to Tyree Marence
  5. Complete the quest


Tyree is hanging in the area and wants to talk to the Vestige. He tells them he is a lighthouse keeper but he can't do anything about the signal fire being out. The slavers stormed the lighthouse and put out the fire. He couldn't figure it out at first but then realized it's a trap. They wait for the ships to crash on the rocks so they can loot the cargo.

They need to light the fire fast but the problem is the slavers took the focusing crystals with them and all the oil. Some are still on the island but some are on their ship too.

After agreeing to help, get over to the island and next to the lighthouse are stacks of supply. Look for the focusing crystals there. Then head over to the pirate ship, The Bloody Scupper and enter to search for the oil.

Head back to the lighthouse after all items are found and enter. Go upstairs to find Tyree waiting. But first replace the crystals so the fires are lit. Then talk to Tyree again. He's really glad the fires are lit and ships can come into port.


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