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Repairing the Phial

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Repairing the Phial
Repairing the phial
Quest Giver Quintus Navale
Location Windhelm
Stonehill Bluff
Throat of the World
Red Eagle Redoubt
Prerequisite Completion of The Throat of the World and The White Phial
Three days (72 hours) must pass after both quests finish
Reward The White Phial with one of the chosen effects
Type Miscellaneous
Quest ID MS12b
Repairing the Phial is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The White Phial has been found and delivered to Nurelion, damaged and unusable. Being overcome by sickness, he is bedridden and dying.

A few days after completing The White Phial and The Throat of the World quests, a courier will deliver a letter from Nurelion's assistant, Quintus Navale. The letter explains that his master is still alive and Quintus asks the Dragonborn to come and talk about the possibility of repairing the Phial. Upon repairing the phial, he gives it to the Dragonborn as a reward.



Letter from Quintus Navale

The Letter Received from Quintus Navale in order to start the Quest

In order to repair the Phial, Quintus asks for three ingredients to be found:

  1. Unmelting snow can be obtained from the Throat of the World. Unmelting Snow is an otherwise unmarked snowbank a short distance south of Paarthurnax at the Throat of the World in the summit's direction near its peak which can be extremely difficult to find without floating quest markers, even with the use of Clairvoyance.
  2. Mammoth tusk powder can be obtained from Stonehill Bluff. The Mammoth Tusk Powder is found in a bowl in the middle of the encampment. It is different from the Powdered Mammoth Tusk alchemy ingredient.
  3. The briar heart can be taken from any living or deceased Forsworn Briarheart and the map points to one possible place to find one (exact location varies). Briar Hearts can also be found as loot most typically in Forsworn camps and can even be purchased from Alchemist shops. Quintus Navale sells them as well.
    TESV White Phial

    The White Phial upon repair.

Once all three have been obtained, the Dragonborn can return to Quintus Navale and watch him repair the Phial. When complete, he takes the Phial upstairs to show it to his dying master, Nurelion. Upon seeing the Phial whole again, Nurelion dies. Quintus comments that his master died happy, realizing his life's work was completed. Quintus, however, can't stand to have the Phial around anymore because it reminds him of Nurelion's obsession. Instead, he gives it to the Dragonborn. However, since he isn't as skilled as Curalmil, its creator, the Phial will only regenerate a single kind of magical liquid. What it will produce can be chosen based upon how Quintus is responded to:

  • "I'd like it to have the power of healing." (+100 health)
  • "I want to resist the forces of magic." (20% magic resist for 60 seconds)
  • "I want to be tougher in battle." (+20 stamina for 300 seconds)
  • "I want to strengthen my magical skills." (+20 magicka for 300 seconds)
  • "I want to deal more damage in battle." (+50% to one handed damage for 60 seconds)
  • "I want to be better hidden in the shadows." (20% harder to detect for 60 seconds)

After drinking from the Phial it will be listed as "(Empty)" and the item will appear in inventory as a special Miscellaneous item and will not disappear. This allows multiple "White Phial (Empty)'s" in inventory at one time. These weigh 0.5 each and can be dropped. After 24 hours the liquid inside the Phial will regenerate and the potion will be drinkable again.


Journal Entry

Nurelion's assistant, Quintus, believes he's found a way to repair the White Phial.

  • Objective: Speak to Quintus Navale

Nurelion's assistant, Quintus, believes he's found a way to repair the White Phial, and has enlisted me to track down some materials for him.

  • Objective: Retrieve the Unmelting Snow
  • Objective: Find some Mammoth Tusk Powder
  • Objective: Take a Forsworn Heart
  • Objective: Return to Quintus Navale

I helped repair the White Phial in time for Nurelion to see it before he died.

  • Quest complete



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