Not to be confused with Reron Rinith.
"This city becomes more beautiful with every passing day. It inspires even the greatest warrior to put down their sword and pick up a quill, just like our Lord Vivec. I've never been particularly good with my letters, though, so I'll hang onto mine."
―Reron Drom[src]

Reron Drom is a Dunmer soldier residing outside the Canton of St. Olms the Just in Vivec City.


  • "This city will be the pride of all of Vvardenfell one day, mark my words. And we, my friend, get to watch it grow, one stone at a time. It makes me all tingle!"
  • "I love this city! I love the cantons. I love the waterfalls and ocean view. I even love the rock that hangs in the sky above! Did I happen to mention I love this city?"