Rerynea Salas is a Dunmer Battlemage residing at the Tel Naga Great Hall in Sadrith Mora. She is generally non-hostile, but will attempt to prevent Nartise Arobar from escaping the lower levels of the Great Hall during a quest to gain Miner Arobar's support in being named Redoran Hortator. Salas is equipped with heavy armor and silver weapons.


Choosing to battle Rerynea will likely attract the attention of Drodos Galen, a nearby Sorcerer who will not hesitate to defend her. It is possible to wait until Drodos wanders a sufficient distance away and quietly dispose of him before fighting Salas.

If alerted from a distance, Rerynea may throw silver stars at an adversary. Otherwise she typically begins combat by using her Blood Despair Amulet to absorb an opponent's Willpower. She tends to follow up with weakness spells from her repertoire, favoring Shock, Poison, and Magicka. Salas eventually turns to melee combat, using an unenchanted silver War Axe in a fight to the death.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Rerynea Salas is a talented battlemage, and an expert in the Destruction school of magic. She is skilled in the Alteration and Conjuration disciplines, and is a journeyman-level practitioner of Mysticism. She is also a journeyman in Axe and Heavy Armor, her preferred melee weapon and armor types. She has 35 points in Alchemy and Enchanting, and 30 points in Marksman, required for use of her throwing stars.
Primary Skills
Destruction 60
Alteration 50
Conjuration 50
Axe 40
Heavy Armor 40
Mysticism 40

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Fire - 75%
 • Ancestor Guardian
 • Absorb Health
 • Deadly Poison
 • Detect Key
 • Dire Weakness to Fire
 • Dire Weakness to Frost
 • Dire Weakness to Magicka
 • Dire Weakness to Poison
 • Dire Weakness to Shock
 • Distracting Touch
 • Divine Intervention
 • Lightning Storm
 • Poisonbloom
 • Shockbloom
 • Sleep
 • Viperbolt
 • Wearying Touch


 • Dwemer Boots
 • Dwemer Bracers (left and right)
 • Dwemer Cuirass
 • Dwemer Greaves
 • Dwemer Pauldrons (left and right)
 • Telvanni Cephalopod Helm
 • Blood Despair Amulet
 • Extravagant Pants
 • Extravagant Shirt
 • Extravagant Shoes
 • Third Barrier Ring
 • Silver Throwing Star ×25
 • Silver War Axe