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Quest Giver Florentius Baenius
Location Radiant
Faction Dawnguard
Type Side Quest
QuestID DLC1RH06
Rescue is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.
"Arkay has terrible news friend. Your friend, kidnapped!"
―Florentius Baenius

Rescue is a repeatable quest offered by Florentius Baenius in Fort Dawnguard. To complete it, rescue a friend or spouse from a Master Vampire in a randomly selected location across Skyrim. The friend in question is anyone that has a friendly disposition towards the Dragonborn, no matter who it is. It's even possible for the kidnapped friend to be a Jarl or children.

Victims that can become followers will not do so for the duration of this quest. Reporting a successful rescue to Florentius removes this restriction.

Possible locationsEdit


Journal Entry
Florentius Baenius has learned that a <leveled vampire> has kidnapped <radiant NPC> and is keeping him/her in <radiant location>.
  • Objective: Kill the <leveled vampire>
  • Objective: Rescue <radiant NPC> from <radiant location>
  • Objective: Return to Florentus Baenius
Florentius Baenius learned that a <leveled vampire> kidnapped <radiant NPC>. I rescued him/her from <radiant location>.
  • Quest complete


  • If the kidnapped friend gets killed during the rescue, searching their body will complete that part of the quest.
  • The victim may be Hert despite the fact she is a vampire.
  • If Mjoll the Lioness is captured, her follower, Aerin, will also be captured.
  • The quest may also start when walking by a random civilian and hearing them say in a low and raspy voice "Help!" Talking to them will initiate the quest with no quest description. 


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