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Rescue Jocien Ancois is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for the Imperial Legion, it can be obtained from Radd Hard-Heart in Moonmoth Legion Fort.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Radd Hard-Heart.
  2. Head to the Erabenimsun Camp.
  3. Follow a trail of paper.
  4. Agree to help or kill the Wise Woman.
  5. Talk to Jocien Ancois.
  6. Return to Radd Hard-Heart.

Detailed walkthroughEdit


Journal Entry
Radd Hard-Heart asked me to rescue Jocien Ancois, who is trying to teach the Ashlanders of Imperial culture and virtue. He was taken from the Erabenimsun camp by outcast Ashlanders, I should start there.
  • Quest accepted
BJocien is being held by some kind of witch-women, a Mabrigash, called Zennammu. She would free Jocien if I brought the Erabinimsun hunter Assaba-Bentus to them.
To prove his bravery, Assaba-Bentus agreed to go to the Mabrigash.
Assaba-Bentus arrived at the Mabrigash camp.
The Mabrigash agreed to let Jocien Ancois go.
I found Jocien Ancois, and he told me that he would find his own way back to the Erabinimsun camp.
Radd Hard-Heart thanked me for rescuing Jocien Ancois.
  • Quest completed
I told Radd Hard-Heart that Jocien Ancois is dead.
  • Quest completed

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