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Rescue Mission

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For The Dawnguard quest similar to this, see Rescue.
Rescue Mission
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Quest Giver Vilkas or Skjor
Location Radiant
Prerequisite Take Up Arms
Reward 100 GoldIcon
Faction Companions
Type Companions, Radiant quest
Quest ID CR08
Rescue Mission is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a radiant quest that may be taken after completing the first quest in the main Companions quest-line.


There is a variant in which the Dragonborn must travel to Hag's End and rescue Abelone of Dawnstar. Travel to Hag's End, and in the room where the third encounter with the Hagraven occurs, (the room with the oil pit after the three consecutive iron gates that are trapped with spears) Abelone is in an (expert level) locked cell.

Possible objectivesEdit


Journal Entry

<radiant NPC> has been kidnapped and taken to <radiant location>. I need to get <radiant gender> back to <radiant city>.

  • Objective: Rescue <radiant NPC> from <radiant location>
  • Objective: Talk to <radiant NPC>
  • Objective: Escort <radiant NPC> back to <radiant city>
  • Objective: Take your leave of <radiant NPC>

I have rescued <radiant NPC> from <radiant location> and escorted <radiant gender> back to <radiant city>.

  • Objective: Return to <quest giver>
  • Quest complete


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