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For other uses, see Resist.

Resist is a spell effect of the Restoration school of magicka in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that provides a percentage of protection against some harmful conditions. In Skyrim, this effect is available in the form of Potions.


In Skyrim, the Dragonborn may find potions that help to resist four different effects, the duration of each being 60 seconds.

Effect Potion Name Magnitude Cost

Resist Frost

Potion of Resist Cold 20 96
Draught of Resist Cold 30 151
Philter of Resist Cold 40 207
Elixir of Resist Cold 50 265
Resist Fire Potion of Resist Fire 20 96
Draught of Resist Fire 30 151
Philter of Resist Fire 40 207
Elixir of Resist Fire 50 265
Resist Magic Potion of Resist Magic 10 90
Draught of Resist Magic 15 141
Philter of Resist Magic 20 193
Elixir of Resist Magic 25 247
Resist Shock Potion of Resist Shock 20 96
Draught of Resist Shock 30 151
Philter of Resist Shock 40 207
Elixir of Resist Shock 50 265


In Skyrim, the Dragonborn may create potions using ingredients that may be found or purchased throughout Skyrim. The table below lists the resist potions that may be created:

Effect Resisted Ingredients
Resist Fire Bone Meal, Berit's Ashes, Fire Salts, Mudcrab Chitin*
Resist Frost Slaughterfish Scales, Hawk Beak*, Frost Salts, Moon Sugar, Small Pearl
Resist Magic Hagraven Claw, Void Salts, Wisp Wrappings
Resist Poison Troll Fat, Mudcrab Chitin*, Falmer Ear
Resist Shock Blue Dartwing, Hawk Beak*, Glow Dust, Pearl

*Indicates ingredient used for more than one resist potion


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