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Resist Blight Disease MW
For other uses, see Resist (Morrowind).
Main article: Effects (Morrowind)
"This effect increases the subject's resistance to blight disease. The magnitude is percentage reduction in damage caused by blight disease effects."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set[src]

Resist Blight Disease is an effect in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that is a member of the Restoration school of magic, governed by Willpower. Its base Magicka cost is 5.00 points.


The following spells consist of a Resist Blight Disease effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Resist Blight Disease Spells
Name Type Cost
Range GoldIcon Base ID
Blight Disease Immunity Ability01001001Self blight disease immunity
Blightguard Spell1310105Self blightguard
Poet's Whim Spell3913010Selfpoet's whim
Shield of St. Delyn Spell110102880Touch shield of st. delyn
Shield of the Armiger Spell75303010Selfshield of the armiger
Vivec's Mercy Spell50202010Selfvivec's mercy
Werewolf Resistances BM Ability0100100ConstantSelf werewolf resists
GoldIcon = Available for purchase from a spell merchant.


The following spell merchants are purveyors of one or more spells consisting of a Resist Blight Disease effect:

Resist Blight Disease Merchants
Bronrod the Roarer BM Skaal8Skaal Village: Bronrod the Roarer's HousePoet's Whim
Chaplain Ogrul Imperial Cult10Gnisis: Fort DariusPoet's Whim
Crito Olcinius TR Imperial Cult18Mournhold: Royal Palace, Imperial Cult ServicesVivec's Mercy
Eldrilu Dalen Tribunal Temple10Vos: ChapelShield of the Armiger
Elynu Saren Tribunal Temple10Suran: TempleVivec's Mercy
Fanildil Imperial Legion10Ebonheart: Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonPoet's Whim
Galero Andaram * Tribunal Temple10Sadrith Mora: Telvanni Council House ChambersVivec's Mercy
Guls Llervu Redoran10Ald'ruhn: Guls Llervu's HouseVivec's Mercy
Jeanne Andre TR None9Mournhold: Great Bazaar, Magic ShopVivec's Mercy
Laurina Maria TR None18Mournhold: Royal Palace, Imperial Cult ServicesPoet's Whim
Vivec's Mercy
Leles Birian None40Suran: Road east of Piernette's FarmhouseVivec's Mercy
Llarara Omayn Tribunal Temple10Balmora: TempleShield of the Armiger
Llathyno Hlaalu Tribunal Temple10Balmora: TempleVivec's Mercy
Lloros Sarano Redoran10Ald'ruhn: TempleShield of the Armiger
Vivec's Mercy
Masalinie Merian Mages Guild41Balmora: Mages GuildPoet's Whim
Mehra Drora Tribunal Temple10Gnisis: TempleShield of the Armiger
Vivec's Mercy
Mehra Helas TR Tribunal Temple10Mournhold: Temple CourtyardShield of the Armiger
Vivec's Mercy
Milar Maryon Telvanni10Tel Vos: Services TowerPoet's Whim
Vivec's Mercy
Nebia Amphia Imperial Legion10Ebonheart: Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonPoet's Whim
Nerile Andaren TR Tribunal Temple8Mournhold: Temple: Hall of MinistryPoet's Whim
Vivec's Mercy
Nilvyn Drothan Tribunal Temple10Ghostgate: Ghostgate TempleShield of the Armiger
Only-He-Stands-There None10Balmora: South Wall CornerclubShield of the Armiger
Vivec's Mercy
Rilvase Avani Tribunal Temple10Ghostgate: Tower of DawnShield of the Armiger
Salen Ravel Tribunal Temple10Maar Gan: ShrineShield of the Armiger
Vivec's Mercy
Saras Orelu None15Molag Mar: TempleVivec's Mercy
Telis Salvani Tribunal Temple10Balmora: TempleVivec's Mercy
Threvul Serethi Telvanni10Sadrith Mora: Thervul Serethi: HealerShield of the Armiger
Vivec's Mercy
Tinaso Alan Telvanni10Tel Mora: Tower ServicesVivec's Mercy
Uvele Berendas * Redoran10Indarys Manor: Berendas' HousePoet's Whim

* This person's services are available to faction members of a sufficient rank only.


The following items consist of a Resist Blight Disease effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.


Enchanted Armor
Item Type Magnitude
Duration Item ID
Wraithguard Right Heavy Gauntlet
Left Heavy Gauntlet


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