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Resist Fire (Skyrim)

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Resist Fire
School Restoration
Effect Increases resistance to Fire Damage.
Form ID 0003EAEA - (Alchemy)
00048C8B - (Enchanting)
For this effect in other games, see Resist Fire.

Resist Fire is an effect gained from a spell, a potion, or a piece of armor. The effect decreases the amount of damage taken from fire.

Dunmer are 50% resistant to fire and Flame Atronach are immune to fire damage.


Main article: Alchemy (Skyrim)

Potions and poisons with this effect may be created at Alchemy Labs or purchased from alchemist merchants. The strength of the effect is determined by the Alchemy Skill of the alchemist that brewed the potion.


  • Combination of Elves Ear, Mudcrab Chitin and Fire Salts produces added magicka gain.


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