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For other uses, see Resist Magic.

Resist Magic is an effect found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be obtained from several different sources, such as abilities, potions and enchantments.

Resist Magic is capped at 85%, this includes all forms of elemental and dragon breath attacks. A further 85% on elemental resistance can be achieved which will grant a potential 97% magic damage reduction on one element.




The following ingredients provide the Resist Magic property for purposes of potions.


Gaining a resistance to magic can negate a percentage of all incoming spells. It is superior to elemental resistance as it covers all kinds of magical damage instead of just fire, frost, or shock individually.

An 80% passive resistance can be achieved by a vampire character if sleeping in a coffin to gain Vampiric Blood Rested in addition to obtaining Agent of Mara, The Lord Stone and all 3 levels of the Alteration perk Magic Resistance is taken.

A Breton character will receive a natural 25% resistance, so achieving the 85% cap will require fewer abilities.


  • This enchantment may be placed on shields, rings and necklaces.
  • Resist magic does not affect friendly spells, unlike the Spell Absorption ability.


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