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Resist Poison
DLC RestorationTome
School Restoration
Skill Level Journeyman
Magicka Cost 149 MagickaIcon
Effect Resist Poison 50pts for 20sec on Self
Tome ID xx002851
Spell ID xx001d94
For other uses, see Resist Poison.

Resist Poison is a spell, an effect, and an ability in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It can be acquired as a spell by reading the eponymous spell tome, if the Spell Tomes add-on has been installed. Argonians and Redguards have a passive Resist Poison effect, with Argonians being immune to poison and Redguards being 75% resistant to it.

Alchemical ingredientsEdit

The following ingredients, when used together as a part of Alchemy, can create a potion of Resist Poison:


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