"Before Iszara, we were a wild pack of nationalists with sharp swords and enthusiastic schemes. Our wanting reputation kept A'tor from announcing an open affiliation, but we worked for him in secret removing Forebear traitors on the mainland and killing Imperial emissaries too long lingering at our borders."
―Restless League[src]

The Restless League was a pirate band that existed in the late Second Era, in the time known as the Interregnum. They were a group of pirates dedicated to overthrowing the Redguard monarchy.

Little is known about them, except that they appeared in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, and were mentioned in Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition: Hammerfell.[1]

Stros M'KaiEdit

"The League wasn't invited to join in the Battle for discretion's sake and we were forced to watch from afar!

In another story altogether, the League got its hands on the soulgem, reservoir of the Prince's power, and the narrative of wishful thinking began. The Restless League now had the means to bring back the Prince! We could restore Prince A'tor from the soulgem, and under his banner fight the Battle of Stros M'kai again, this time rightly at his side!"
―Restless League[src]

After Hammerfell was conquered by the Empire, the Restless League was found guilty of several crimes by Imperial Law, including piracy, sedition and treason, making them subject to summary execution.[2]