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Restoration Staff is a weapon skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Active SkillsEdit

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Essence Drain: While a restoration staff is equipped, the last hit of a heavy attack heals a nearby ally.
  • Restoration Expert: While a restoration staff is equipped, the Vestige's healing on targets with low health is increased.
  • Cycle of Life: Gain bonus damage based on the Vestige's current Health when wielding a Restoration Staff.
  • Absorb: While a restoration staff is equipped, blocking spells restores Magicka.
  • Restoration Master: While a restoration staff is equipped, increases all healing done.


  • Strong attacks with the Restoration Staff return 10% of the Vestige's maximum magicka on the last hit.


  • As of Update 5, Heavy attacks with this weapon type will not reveal you if you have used Shadow Cloak. [1]
  • Update 7: The Shadow Cloak ability, and its morphs, will now correctly cancel an attacker's channel for several abilities, including Heavy Attacks from Restoration Staves [2]
  • Update 9: Fixed an issue where channeled attacks (such as Radiant Destruction), Restoration and Lightning Staff Heavy Attacks could be avoided by dodge rolling. Channeled attacks cannot be dodged.[3]