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Restoring Light is a Templar skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ultimate skillsEdit

  • Rite of Passage: Heals nearby allies for 11 every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. You cannot move while channeling this skill. Unlock at Restoring Light Rank 12.

Active skillsEdit

  • Healing Ritual: Heals nearby allies for 22. Heal self for an additional 30%. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 4.
  • Restoring Aura: Increase Stamina and health regeneration by 15% while slotted. When activated, increase the Health and Stamina regeneration of nearby allies by 80% for 6 seconds. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 20.
  • Cleansing Ritual: Instantly removes a negative effect from self. Over 12 seconds, heals nearby allies for 2 every 2 seconds. Allies in range may activate Purify, removing all negative effects and healing for 16. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 30.
  • Rune Focus: Creates an area of self protection for 12 seconds, increasing Armor and Spell Resistance. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 42.

Passive skillsEdit


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