Restoring Order is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Infighting and suspicion between the Ebonheart Pact races is causing them difficulties in repelling Covenant invaders.


A strong Covenant raiding force landed west of Ebonheart. The citizens are too busy with their own internal squabbles to unite against invaders. Drathus Othral fears the town may fall to Alexandra Conele's forces.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Part 1Edit

  1. Convince the Argonians
  2. Convince the Nords
  3. Convince the Dark Elves

Part 2Edit

  1. Talk to Drathus Othral
  2. Go to Rhavil's house
  3. Follow Rhavil Urano from a distance
  4. Investigate the Shack
  5. Examine the Desk
  6. Leave the Shack
  7. Search Rhavil Urano's House
  8. Talk to Drathus Othral


The Sapling (Argonian)Edit

A Bit of Sport (Nord)Edit

Night of the Soul (Dunmer)Edit

  • Seek Almalexia's, Sotha Sil's and Vivec's blessings: At each shrine burn the offering, pray at the shrine and listen to the servant of each.
  • Talk to Disciple Sildras
  • Note: The objective can be a bit deceptive. Making you think you need to still talk to Disciple Sildras, continue onto finishing the shrines, then return to Disciple Sildras.

Next the Vestige will go to the wayshrine area where Rhavil Urano's house is located. Follow him from a distance to the dock area where he enters a shack. Wait for him to leave then go inside. Prepare for battle then examine the desk.

Head to Rhavil's house. Prepare for combat and then enter. Defend yourself from his attack and then search the room. Head outside to obtain the rewards.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon