Restoring the Guardians is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Garyn Indoril led a force of Pact soldiers to Ash Mountain. They were following the Brother of Strife, Balreth. Using the information I learned from Mavos at Othrenis, we're going to imprison the Brother of Strife again.

To imprison Balreth, I must gain control of the guardians at Ash Mountain. To summon the guardians, Garyn wants me to harvest the hearts of lesser Daedra.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Collect 10 Daedra Hearts.
  2. Summon and defeat Ragebinder.
  3. Summon and defeat Blaze.
  4. Talk to Walks-in-Ash.


The first step of the quest is to collect 10 Daedra Hearts. They are obtainable from all of the Daedra around Ash Mountain and are guaranteed to drop.

After the 10 Daedra Hearts have been collected, continue to push up Ash Mountain until you reach an overlook on the north side of the volcano, flanked by two shrines with summoning bowls. Use these summoning bowls to summon the two guardians of Ash Mountain, Ragebinder and Blaze, and then subdue them. After this has been done, talk to Walks-in-Ash for your reward, which is 57 GoldIcon.


  • 36–151 GoldIcon


  • This is the first quest of the Ash Mountain questline.