Retaking Firebrand Keep is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Kill Sir Croix
  2. Sound the Great hall Siege Horn


Sir Edmund has asked the Vestige to Enter the tower of Firebrand Keep's Great Hall and sound the horn there.

Crossing the bridge to the keep can be an adventure. After the first two dissident knights, already engaged in fighting, the next few groups come in sets of three. There will be a hand-to-hand fighter and two sharpshooters in the group. The sharpshooters will deal massive damage if the vestige stays still.

After crossing the bridge, other groups may be engaged or bypassed with sneak skills. Enter the keep and head right to engage Sir Croix. Sir Croix is a tank with substantial physical resistance, but only average magical resistance. There are a few, single dissident knights in the keep, but they may be bypassed.

Once the vestige gets to the door to the tower, there are no more enemies, open the door and sound the horn. Return to Sir Edmund to finish the quest.