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Retrieve Founder's Helm is a House Redoran quest potentially given to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"Neminda told me the Alvis Teri stole a Founder's Helm. He is at the Eight Plates in Balmora. I am to recover the helm, but i must not shame House Redoran by murdering him."
Nerevarine's Journal[src]


  • Recover a stolen helm from Alvis Teri. (The Nerevarine must not assault Alvis)
  • Return the helm to Neminda.


Neminda in Ald'ruhn has learnt that the Founder's Helm, belonging to the Great House of Redoran has been stolen. The alleged thief, Alvis Teri, is a member of the House of Hlaalu and has begun bragging and wearing his stolen booty. The Nerevarine is tasked with returning the helm to House Redoran, without assaulting him. She explains that killing him would create more problems.

Alvis TeriEdit

Alvis Teri can be found in the bar area of Eight Plates in Balmora. He will gloat about his new acquisition to the Nerevarine and will refuse to return the Helm. This leaves the Nerevarine with two honorable options. The first is to raise Teri's disposition towards the Nerevarine above 75 through bribery or to provoke Teri to attack, leaving the Nerevarine to defeat him in self defense. Having acquired the Helm, the Nerevarine must return it to Neminda, in order to complete the quest.


Retrieve Founder's Helm – HR_FoundersHelm
IDJournal Entry
10Neminda told me that Alvis Teri stole a Founder's Helm. He is at the Eight Plates in Balmora. I am to recover the helm, but I must not shame House Redoran by murdering him.
  • Quest accepted
50Alvis Teri gave me the Founder's Helm. I should take it back to Neminda in Ald'ruhn.
100I brought the Founder's Helm back to Neminda.
  • Quest complete
 200 Neminda accused me of murdering Alvis Teri and refuses to give me any more duties.
  • Quest complete


  • Teri can be provoked into attacking in a number of ways:
    • Taunting
    • Intimidating
    • Catching the Nerevarine trying to pickpocket him.
  • Murdering Teri will cause the Nerevarine to be kicked out of Redoran.
  • The Nerevarine also has the option of keeping the helm.
    • This will prevent the Nerevarine from receiving more quests from Neminda.
    • Neminda's disposition will drop by 5 if the Helm is not returned.

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