The Noble's Pet is a Fighters Guild quest available during the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Agent is sent into a nearby dungeon to retrieve a Noble's pet Sabertooth Tiger.


Having proven their worth by completing some menial tasks, the Agent can join the Fighters Guild in the Iliac Bay. With full Fighters Guild membership, the Agent will be paid for completing quests for the Guild, and will improve their reputation to gain ranks within.


  • Speak with a questgiver from the Fighters Guild.
  • Journey to and enter the specified dungeon.
    • Track down the sabertooth tiger hiding within.
    • Use the bell before striking the tiger to tame it.
    • (Optional) Retrieve the note left by the tiger's last meal.
  • (Optional) Journey to the town specified in the note.
    • Speak with the deluded victim's lover.
  • Return the tiger to its owner before the time limit expires.


After joining the Fighters Guild, the Agent will be asked to complete an "interesting job" by one of the Guild's Questgivers. It is revealed that a sabertooth tiger belonging to a local Noble has escaped, and is now hiding in a nearby dungeon. However, the Noble claims that the tiger has been tamed, responding to a bell, and has therefore asked the Guild to go and retrieve their beloved pet.

A Matter of TrainingEdit

The dungeon will be marked on the Agent's map, and they will have to enter it to begin their search. Inside, the Agent will come across a random assortment of creatures and enemies, although there will only be one sabertooth tiger, the Noble's pet. The pet can be found alongside a corpse, and the Agent must ring the bell provided by the Questgiver to get the sabertooth tiger's attention.

However, ringing the bell has no effect, meaning the Agent will have to "smack it upside the head" to get its attention. Not using a weapon is advisable, for a killing blow will make it impossible to complete the quest. However, if the tiger survives the hit and the Agent rings the bell, then it will follow them all the way to its relieved owner:

"Oh, [tiger's name], darling, you're safe! Thank you so much for bringing my baby back home to me. I'm sure he didn't give you any trouble, did he? He's just a big kitty cat at heart, wouldn't hurt a fly."
―A Sabertooth tiger's owner[src]

The Agent must return to the Noble before the time limit expires, and with the sabertooth tiger alive.

(Optional) A Deluded LoveEdit

After finding the sabertooth in the dungeon, the Agent has a one in two chance of finding a note laying alongside the corpse of the tiger's last meal. This note reveals the location of the victim's lover, to whom the Agent may report the victim's death:

"Oh...good gracious, a letter from [victim's name]! Why is it stained with blood? [He/She]'s dead? Dear me. [He/She] always was so sweet to me, I'm afraid [he/she] had the delusion that we were in love. Poor soul, what a tragic end. I certainly appreciate you telling me what happened."
―A Victim's "Lover"[src]

The lover will hand the Agent a magical item for reporting the news to them, and must be spoken to before the Agent returns the sabertooth tiger to the Noble.


The Agent will be paid a random amount of GoldIcon for returning the tiger to its owner, as well as a standard boost to their reputation within the Guild. Furthermore, if the Agent speaks with the old tamer's lover, they will receive a random magical item.

Failing the quest will not only see the Agent forfeit a reward, but also have their standing with the Guild harmed:

Faction Reputation
Fighters Guild +5
Questgivers +5
Allied Factions +2
Faction Reputation
Fighters Guild -2
Questgivers -2
Allied Factions -1


The Noble's Pet - m0b00y17
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

I have been hired by [town]'s Fighters Guild to find a pet sabertooth tiger that has run off into [dungeon]. Supposedly the tiger is trained to respond to a bell I was given, but [Questgiver's name] warned me that it may not really be trained very well. I am to bring the tiger back to its owner, [noble's name], at [palace] of [noble's town] within [x] days. [He/She]'ll pay me [n] gold.

  • Quest accepted
1 [Date]:

I found the tiger in [dungeon], and now it seems to like me. It has started following me, at least. Now I just have to get it back to [noble's name] in [noble's town].


  • This quest is only available if the Agent has joined the Fighters Guild.
    • Furthermore, this quest was only included in the CompUSA Special Edition version of Daggerfall.
  • When asked for any news, NPCs have a variety of comments to make referencing the quest:
    • Acceptance: "Did you hear that [noble's name]'s tiger escaped again? Killed and ate three people this time."
    • Success: "[Noble's name] actually hired someone from the Fighter's Guild to go fetch [his/her] pet tiger for [him/her]. What sap would take a silly job like that?"
    • Failure: "[Noble's name]'s tiger seems to have disappeared for good. Thank [god's name]!"


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  •  PC   The note can clip inside the dead tamer's body, making it impossible to retrieve.
  •  PC   It is possible to speak with NPCs about the tamer's lover before the note has been found.
    •  PC   Fixed with the DFQFIX Plugin.