Return to Clockwork City

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"Millennia ago, the tinkerer god Sotha Sil built himself a hidden sanctuary, from which to shape his vision of the future. He called it the Clockwork City, and it was there that he died, when a fellow god betrayed and murdered him. What secrets died with him? What was he building in those gleaming halls? In the centuries since, no mortal has entered the city. Until now."
―Promotional blurb

Return to Clockwork City is an expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. It is a new story exapansion and card pack and contains a set of fifty-five new obtainable cards. The expansion will be released on November 30, 2017.[1]


The story takes place in the Clockwork City during the Fourth Era, a now abandoned and degrading lost city suffering from the ravages of time following Sotha Sil's death, no longer the metropolis it once was.


  • There will be three acts


  • TBA


There will be over 55 new cards:


Each act will cost 1,000 in-game GoldIcon or $7.99 USD/EUR. A pre-order bundle containing all three acts with a bonus alternate art card and the title "The Relic Hunter" costs $19.99.

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