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Reunification of Skyrim is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a large quest with several sub-quests and is a major part of the Civil War, provided that the Dragonborn sided with the Imperials at the Battle for Whiterun.


"I will help General Tullius quell the Stormcloak rebellion and reunite Skyrim by restoring Imperial control."
―Legate Rikke[src]

This quest begins once the Battle for Whiterun has been completed for the Imperials.



Report to General Tullius in Solitude for a promotion and a reward for taking Whiterun. He will direct the Dragonborn to Legate Rikke to receive the next objective in taking Skyrim back from the Stormcloaks. After speaking with him, report to Legate Rikke at an Imperial camp. She will give objectives for each hold that must be taken, after which the Dragonborn must report back to Tullius, then return to Rikke at a new camp for the next objective. The first of these is A False Front.

Linked questsEdit

The following quests are linked to Reunification of Skyrim:


Journal Entry
I will help General Tullius quell the Stormcloak rebellion and reunite Skyrim by restoring Imperial control.
  • Objective: Report to General Tullius
  • Objective: Regain Haafingar
  • Objective: Regain the Reach
  • Objective: Regain Hjaalmarch
  • Objective: Regain Whiterun Hold
  • Objective: Regain Falkreath Hold
  • Objective: Regain the Pale
  • Objective: Regain Winterhold Hold
  • Objective: Regain the Rift
We have successfully quelled the rebellion by killing Ulfric Stormcloak and have reunited Skyrim under Imperial control.
  • Quest complete


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