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Revus Sarvani (Dragonborn)

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Revus Sarvani
Revus Sarvani
Race Dunmer
Gender Male
Level Radiant (1-25)
Class 'Bandit'
Ref ID xx02C1EA
Base ID xx02C1EB

Revus Sarvani is a Dunmer general goods merchant and Silt Strider owner. He can be found south-west of the Sun Stone with his strider Dusty.



Upon first meeting Revus, he will engage in a short conversation about his Silt Strider:

"From that look on your face I'm guessing you've never seen a Silt Strider before?"

No, what is it?  "This is Dusty. I personally trained her from a larva. Feels like a lifetime ago now. She hasn't been in traveling condition for quite a while now. I've tried to let her go off on her own but she insists on staying here."

How do you survive out here?: "We get by trading odds and ends with the locals. I've decided to stay here and make sure she passes in peace. It's the least I can do for her. Every once in a while a local makes it out here. Although, they usually just want to catch a glimpse of Dusty. Silt Striders are pretty rare now.

He can then be questioned further about Silt Striders or asked to trade with.

Notable itemsEdit

  • He sells a Kagrumez Resonance Gem.
  • Because of the frequent dragon attacks in this area it is wise to buy Resonance Gem in your first visit otherwise you risk him getting killed and losing it.



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