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Rexus is a dog who has ran away from his mistress, Halmaera of Bleakrock Village. He can be found with a whistle given to the Vestige by Halmaera.


Lost on BleakrockEdit

Halmaera asks the Vestige to find her missing husband and dog. If Rexus and his master are found, they will escape Bleakrock with the Vestige.

Fort ZerenEdit

Rexus later takes up residence in Fort Zeren when the covenant attack on Bal Foyen begins.

If the Vestige chooses to save the docks during the Bal Foyen finale quest, Rexus' owners are killed in Fort Zeren and he is left ownerless.

Davon's WatchEdit

Rexus shows up later in Davon's Watch attending the funerals of those who were lost in the Bal Foyen attack alongside Captain Rana and Aera Earth-Turner.


Rexus appears one final time in Stonefalls inside Kragenmoor, standing in the shade as Aera Earth-Turner naps in the grass beside him, trying to console her.