Reynaud Georence is a Breton member of the Lion Guard found in the Bangkorai Garrison.


"Don't suppose you saw a squirrel foot around here ...?"

What? "A squirrel foot. The thing at the end of a squirrel's leg. Seen one?"
Uhm ... not recently? "Bah. I lost my lucky squirrel foot during the battle. I've carried it into every scruffle I've ever gotten into."
You're alive. Looks like it worked. "Sure, but I'm to be deployed to Cyrodiil soon. I don't even want to think about what'll happen to me without it. I hear those Bosmer eat people! And Argonians make Bretons' bones into flutes or something. It's a nightmare!"
Can't you find another squirrel? "Well, yeah, sure. But there's no gaurantee it'll be a lucky one. I mean, if I'm able to chop its foot off, it's not really all that lucky, is it?"
[Intimidate] Snap out of it, soldier! You've got better things to do than look for useless charms. "Oh! Uhm ... right! Yes, of course I do. I'll get right back to it. Real soon."
[Persuade] Trinkets don't make a good soldier, courage does. You made it through the battle on your own merits."Yeah. Yeah, maybe you're right. I've been using that foot as a crutch for too long. Thanks. ... But seriously, if you do see a loose squirrel foot, let me know. I'd like to, you know, burry it or something."
It's a conundrum. "You're telling me. If you see a squirrel with, I don't know, a particularly large amount of nuts or something, just let me know."