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For other uses, see Rhorlak.

Rhorlak was one of captains of the Five Hundred Companions. It is said that he was the most battle-hardened and unflinching of all captains. Rhorlak was in command of Chrion and its crew.

After crossing the Sea of Ghosts and reclaiming Saarthal, the Circle of Captains was assembled. It was decided that every captain and his crew should go their own path. Rhorlak and his crew went to the far east, to "the Fields of the Clouded Sun".

There Rhorlak made a camp and slaughtered any elves to approach. He strongly believed in Ysgramor's tales and considered all of Mer liars. That led to merciless killing without any second thoughts. It is where the long lasting conflict between the Nords of Skyrim and the Dunmer of Morrowind originated.[source?]

After Rhorlak received news of Ysgramor's death, he put down his axe, in grief and swore never to pick it up again.



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