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"I assure you, I have nothing of value. I'm nothing but a poor woodcutter just trying to make ends meet."


Rhorlak is a Nord bandit who lives in Pinewatch. He is only present if the Dragonborn has activated the quest "Silver Lining."


Silver LiningEdit

He acts suspiciously if asked about the silver mold, and can be either bribed into revealing the secret bandit lair below Pinewatch, or threatened, the latter of which will cause him to attack. If the Dragonborn goes inside Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary while he is asleep, he will attack them.


  • If Rhorlak is successfully bribed during the quest "Silver Lining," it is possible to pickpocket the GoldIcon back from him, as well as a few extra GoldIcon that he may have already been carrying.
  • If he is successfully bribed and not killed, it is possible that he will keep living in Pinewatch despite saying that he will "go on a long vacation." There are no further interactions with him.