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Riches Beyond Measure is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Zahra, a Khajiit investigating Gandranen Ruins, has asked for the Vestige's assistance.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find the Crown of Ascension.
  2. Talk to Zahra.


When you enter the Gandranen Ruins, Zahra would be in a couple rooms ahead, studying the dead in the ruins. She'll be spooked by your sudden appearance and start questioning you. Zahra will tell you about the ancient warriors skulking in the ruins, the Crown of Ascension, and the Fenlord controlling the warriors. She'll then ask for your assistance in looking for the crown. Something that should be noted is that there is a Skyshard in the room after meeting Zahra. Look to the left and it would be hidden in a small room.

The Fenlord and the Crown of Ascension are located in the final room of the dungeon. All you have to do is fight your way through the ruins until you reach the Fenlord. When you defeat the Fenlord, you will complete the dungeon. The Fenlord's loot consists of leveled loot and a unique staff called the Deepswamp Staff of Hist Sap which is a part of the Robes of the Hist Sap set.

When you reach the Crown of Ascension, Zahra should be in front of it and you need to talk to her. Zahra will take the Crown to Alten Corimont to pay a debt to Captain One-Eye who she had to deal with in the past. Zahra will give you gold and the Looter's Helm, thus completing the quest.



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