Rickety Mine is located just east of Cheydinhal, between Kemen and Fort Farragut, in the Valus Mountains. It is a relatively large mine, comprising two levels, and has a tent with two bedrolls just outside the door where there is usually a bear is waiting. As in almost all caves there are Cairn Bolete Cap and Wisp Stalk Cap plants inside the cave.

The bandits wear leveled armor and weapons. Scattered around the cave are several chests with various loot such as GoldIcon and potions mostly.


Rickety MineEdit

Coming down a long corridor after entering the cave, in the first room a hostile dog is waiting, guarding a chest with some valuables. Continuing into the next room where a bed and some other furniture can be found, along with another chest. Usually several bandits are waiting here. Turning left at the end and the path goes down into the next area where another dog is waiting with a bandit and another chest is found around the corner to the right, with a hard lock.

In the next room another bandit is waiting, and a chest on the left with some valuables in it. A small amount of cairn bolete is present. Moving on into the next area with more bandits and a mudcrab waiting. A chest is on the left with some potions, and on the right is the door into the next level.

Rickety Mine Bottom SectionEdit

In the first room is a chest with some GoldIcon. This part is divided in two areas and the smaller one is straight ahead and leads into a small room with a chest with a small amount of items. Mushrooms are found here too, cairn bolete and wisp stalk. To reach the other end of this level, go back to the first room and on the left side of the door is a corridor leading further into the cave. Beware of the tripwire trap when entering the next room. More mushrooms, bandits and chests with leveled items can be found on the way into the final room where the bandits have set up camp.