"Chief smart. Most Riekling dumb but chief smart. We family. We strong, you stronger."
―Riekling Chief[src]

Riekling Chief is a unique Riekling found in Thirsk Mead Hall. He has somehow learned to speak, although it can be hard trying to comprehend him.

He and his band of Rieklings took over the mead hall some time ago from the previous owners, seeking the warm fire and cold mead for themselves.


The Chief of Thirsk HallEdit

It is possible to side with the Rieklings and help them build and protect the Mead Hall. Talking to the Chief will result in several small quests, including finding their Bristleback and some "redgrass." After doing these things, the Chief will ask for help in finishing off the Nords who they took the hall from.

Once they are dead, the Chief will state that he believes that not only is the Dragonborn too strong, but that the Dragonborn wants to become Chief; either response will result in the Chief attacking. Once he is killed, the tribe will acknowledge the Dragonborn as their new Chief.

Retaking ThirskEdit

If Bujold the Unworthy is spoken to, the Dragonborn can offer the former residents help in retaking their hall from the Rieklings. If this path is taken, the Chief and his tribe will be killed during the fight.

Battle speechEdit

"Froo ha cawasy jo la.
Karoo taray pelfrik?
Felgir paw tuwani barj.
Goora! Goora! Goora!"


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