"Is it daylight out? Night? I lose track down here."
―Riften Guard Jailor[src]

Riften Guard Jailor

The Riften Guard Jailor is a Hold Guard in Riften. His job is to watch over the prisoners of the Riften Jail, as well as their visitors.


Promises to KeepEdit

In order to visit Sibbi Black-Briar, the Dragonborn has to persuade, intimidate, or bribe the guard.


"Hey, you're not supposed to be down here. Official business only." or "What are you doing down here?"

It's fine, I'm allowed to be here. (Persuade) "Oh, my mistake then. Sorry, you can go on ahead." or "Sure, and I'm Queen Barenziah. Now tell me another one."
Can I pass now? (211 gold) "Sure, that'll do just fine, Go on ahead." or "That's just insulting. Not even a proper bribe?"
I'm the Thane of Riften. "Forgive me milord ("milady" if the Dragonborn is female), I didn't recognize you! Please proceed."
Sorry, I'll leave. "Bloody tourists."

"Ignore me all you want, you still aren't getting in."


  • "The prisoners are in rare form, as usual."
  • "Watch your step in here. The stonework gets slippery."


  • If the Dragonborn sided with the Legion on the Civil War, upon retaking Riften, the Riften Guard Jailor will become an Imperial Jail Guard and will wear the studded Imperial armor instead of the Hold Guard armor.
  • If killed, a new Riften Guard Jailor NPC will spawn in place of the deceased.