Rightful Inheritance is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


It can be started by talking to Relulae on the beach, or to Lady Elanwe at Castle Rilis in Auridon.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Elanwe
  2. Find Sorondil
  3. Lower the wards
  4. Return to vault entrance
  5. Enter Castle vault
  6. Follow Sorondil
  7. Defeat Sorondil
  8. Return to Elanwe


Elanwe, mother of Sorondil, (or, alternatively, Gilien) recruits the Vestige to help her son, who is trying to find treasure. Sorondil is scion of the last High Kinsman, Rilis the twelfth, and Sor wants to prove himself to his ancestors. The treasure is the Helm of Rilis, which gives the wearer the strength of the house Rilis.

When the Vestige finds Sorondil, he is trying to get his father to let him in. However, his father rejects him. The Vestige can offer to help take down the wards if Sor takes the skeletons.

They will enter the vault, and Sorondil will hide while the Vestige defeats High Kinlord Rilis the XI's guards. Sorondil will put the helm on, which will then sprout dark tendrils and hurt him. His father reveals that only a pure-blooded Rilis can master the helm's power. He then sarcastically welcomes his son to the family, and Sorondil turns into a werewolf.

As the Vestige is leaving, each ghost of the Rilis family shares their story of the curse of the helm.

The Vestige can choose to lie to Elanwe or tell her the truth about her son's death.

Both options result in the response, "You did what you could. I somehow knew it would end this way. Thank you for listening to a mother's plea. I'd like to be alone now."