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We should reach Mournhold tomorrow. I have heard many tales, but have never seen the place myself. I am very excited, and the men are looking forward to getting off the boat. One of my men thought the Heart of the Wild was a piece of preserved meat and nearly took a bite. I can't imagine it would have made a very good gift with a chunk missing. But now I wonder what it tastes like.


We arrived! Great success! We were met at the docks by many important little Dark Elves and taken to a camp they set up just for us. We are so important. They even place guards to protect us. I love this city already. I can't wait to start our Glorious Cultural Exchange!


We tried to go to a local inn for breakfast, but the guards told us we can't leave our camp! I yelled for many hours. Tiny idiot registrar came later and told us we can't leave until our paperwork is sorted out. I may have gotten a little angry. "What paperwork?" I asked as he ran away from me.


No word from little idiot Dark Elf. We take turns reading from Bard Fjokki's amazing book. But we are so bored. And our Glorious Cultural Exchange remains unfulfilled. Much sadness today. Except for Fjokki readings.


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